The lack of institutionalization around China's leadership succession was brought into focus again in the run-up to the 16th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, and the widespread speculation on the final leadership line-up. The essays in this volume take a more analytical approach. This book first looks at the political structures of leadership transition in China, and secondly, seeks to understand the real and potential problems that China's younger, fourth-generation leaders will have to grapple with as they take over the reigns of power.Sample Chapter(s)The Contributors (350 KB)Introduction (97 KB)Contents:Introduction: Succession Problems and Challenges (J Wong & Y-N Zheng)The Politics of Succession: Previous Patterns and a New Process (F C Teiwes)Crossing the Political Minefields of Succession: From Jiang Zemin to Hu Jintao (S-P Zheng)Technocratic Leadership, Private Entrepreneurship, and Party Transformation in the Post-Deng Era (Y-N Zheng)Leadership Succession and Its Impact on the Party's Rank and File (I Wibowo)Central–Provincial Relations and the Fourth Generation Leadership: The Political Dimension (K Forster)Can Democracy Provide an Answer to the National Identity Question? A Historical Approach (B-G He)The Challenges of Managing a Huge Society Under Rapid Transformation (X L Ding)Three Dimensions of Rural Issues and Policy Options (T-S Wong & T Zhang)Direct Election of Township Heads: Perspectives of Chinese Peasants (L-J Li)The Private Economy: Will the Ugly Duckling Become a Swan? (X-W Tian)Adapting to the WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism (Q-J Kong)WTO Accession and Growth Strategy Adjustment (D Lu)Cross-Strait Relations in the 21st Century: More Integration, More Alienation? (C-M Chao)The Rise of China: Challenges for the ASEAN Economies (J Wong)Japan's “Challenges” to China in the Epoch of Terrorism (P E Lam)Readership: General.

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