The Chinese economy is currently undergoing an institutional transformation as profound as the replacement of hte people's communes with the household responsibility system in the early 1980s and the emergence of township and village enterprises as the main locus of economic dynamism in the second half of the 1980s. This third dramatic transformation is the emergence of the private sector as the main source of the country's economic growth. This book book discusses the key issues in private sector development in China and includes: an overview of the development of private enterprises in China, Analysis of the development and emerging paths toward private enterprise, Examination of the business environment in which private enterprises operate, How the legal environment has changed through economic reform, Managerial capabilities and state-business interactions, and suggestions of policy recommendations. Perhaps controversially, the contributors suggest that private sector development is necessary to maintain the dynacism of the Chinese economy and create greater employment opportunities. This work will appeal to scholars of Asian Economics and Business who are interested in the rapid growth of the private sector in China.

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