Getting a dog is more like getting married than it is like buying a new car or lawnmowerits a melding of spirits and a lifetime commitment. So, before you take the leap, youd better make sure that your choice is based on more than a nice smile and a lively tail. And with more than 400 breeds to choose from, it shouldnt be too hard to find the right canine companion for you. Looking for a fun-loving pal for lots of rough and tumble family fun? You might try a Boxer or Spinone. Are you a neat-freak who values quiet? The meticulously clean, cat-like Basenjithe handsome Egyptian barkless dogis for you. Looking for a dependable, even-tempered guard dog/baby-sitter? You might want to consider the fierce-looking Neapolitan Mastiff.No matter what qualities youre looking for in a dog, theres a breed out there for you, and Choosing a Dog For Dummies can help you find it. Written by Chris Walkowicz, President of the Dog Writers Association of America, this friendly guide fills you in on what you need to know to:Figure out whether or not you really want to share you life with a dogDecide which pet qualities you value mostSelect and buy the perfect pet for you and your familyGive your canine pal the care it deservesFind out about breed rescueSelect a kid-friendly dogFrom Affenpinschers to Xoloitzcuintlis, Chris gives you the complete lowdown on 150 of the most popular breeds along with priceless pointers on:Finding a reliable breeder and choosing the right puppy for youNavigating registration and pedigree issues and handling the paperwork involved with getting a purebred dogPreparing your home for the new arrival and adjusting to your new lives togetherUnderstanding the unique instinctual qualities

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