Are you unsure of how to choose the medical schools that are right for you? Are you looking for a comprehensive guide written by medical students to help you in your decision making process?Choosing which Medical Schools to apply to is a decision that should not be taken lightly. It is important that you do your homework and consider carefully the many factors that differ between each medical school. This comprehensive and insightful guide written by medical students, for medical students, covers everything you need to know to enable you to select the Medical Schools best suited to you.Designed to help school leavers, graduates and mature individuals applying to Medical School, together with parents and teachers, this guide provides:An overview of what to expect from life at Medical SchoolUp-to-date information on course structure, teaching methods, entrance requirements and other key factors to consider when choosing a Medical School including a quick comparison table for eachClear sections focussing on pre-clinical and clinical education including summaries of teaching hospitalsInformation on what extracurricular opportunities each Medical School and the surrounding city have to offer medical studentsOpinions and insights for each Medical School by current medical studentsBy using this engaging, easy to use and comprehensive guide, you will remove so much of the uncertainty surrounding how to best select the Medical Schools that are right for you.

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