This book provides the most comprehensive, current reference on the synthetic chemistry of cinnolines and phthalazines. Applications to the syntheses of natural products and other chiral compounds are described. Volume 64 contains chapters exploring the following topics:* Primary Syntheses of Cinnolines* Cinnoline, Alklycinnolines, and Arylcinnolines* Halogenocinnolines* Oxycinnolines* Thiocinnolines* Nitro-, Amino-, and Related Cinnolines* Cinnolinecarboxylic Acids and Related Derivatives* Primary Syntheses of Phthalazines* Phthalazine, Alklyphthalazines, and Arylphthalazines* Halogenophthalazines* Oxyphthalazines* Thiophthalazines* Phthalazinecarboxylic Acids and Related Derivatives* An Appendix of Tables of Simple Cinnolines and Simple Phthalazines

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