Circle time is a simple yet effective strategy proven to be one of the most effective ways of promoting positive behavior and respectful relationships in early years environments. This highly practical book will explain how to put principles for early years education into practice through well-structured and purposeful circle-time based lesson plans. Jenny Mosely, the UK's leading expert on circle time, provides accessible guidance on: · incorporating the curriculum for personal, social and emotional development· enabling children to understand universal moral skills· developing young children's emotional intelligence· helping them to practice problem-solving skillsEach chapter in this book will explain circle time in a "why?-what?-how?" format, and will include tick-sheets, bullet pointed pages and plenty of examples of how the rationale works in practice. Early Years teaching staff, support staff, parents and governors both in the school and the playground will find this an invaluable yet extremely fun tool for teaching young children about their feelings and their relationships.

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