Software tools applied to circuit analysis and design are rapidly evolving, enabling students to move beyond the time-consuming, math-intensive methods of traditional circuit instruction. By incorporating MATLAB 7.0 and PSpice 10.0, alongside systematic use of the Laplace transform, Yang and Lee help readers rapidly gain an intuitive understanding of circuit concepts. Unified scheme using the Laplace transform accelerates comprehensionFocuses on interpreting solutions and evaluating design results, not laborious computationMost examples illustrated with MATLAB analyses and PSpice simulationsDownloadable programs available for hands-on practiceOver 130 problems to reinforce and extend conceptual understandingIncludes expanded coverage of key areas such as:Positive feedback OP Amp circuitsNonlinear resistor circuit analysisReal world 555 timer circuit examplesPower factor correction programsThree-phase AC power system analysisTwo-port parameter conversionBased on decades of teaching electrical engineering students, Yang and Lee have written this text for a full course in circuit theory or circuit analysis. Researchers and engineers without extensive electrical engineering backgrounds will also find this book a helpful introduction to circuit systems.

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