Your effective tutorial for mastering Earth ScienceWhy CliffsQuickReview Guides?Go with the name you know and trustGet the information you need--fast!Written by teachers and educational specialistsAbout the contents:The Earth's Structure* Earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes* Oceans and features of the ocean floor* Earth's layers* Plate tectonics, hot spots and pole* Landscape formationreversal patterns* Rocks and minerals; rock and fossil datingClimate* Atmosphere, storms, and forecasting* Water and climate* Insolation and the seasons* Weathering and agents of erosionEnvironmental Concerns* Conservation* PollutionSpace* Comets, asteroids, and meteoroids* Motions of the earth, moon, and sun* Kepler's laws of planetary motion* Origin of the universeReview and Resources* Chapter-end quizzes* Comprehensive end-of-book quiz* Glossary of key terms* Appendix of topic-related resources and websitesWe take great notes--and make learning a snap

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