Community Interpreting caters for interpreters, interpreting students, educators and researchers as well as other professionals who work with interpreters. Sandra Hale provides a comprehensive overview of the field by reviewing its many complex facets from the differing perspectives of practising interpreters, lawyers and medical practitioners, interpreting educators and researchers. The author argues for a strong relationship between research, training and practice, where each informs the other. She shows how questions generated by the practice can be addressed by research, and the results of research can be incorporated in the training and professional development of interpreters in order to inform and improve practice.Part 1 offers an overview of the key theoretical concepts and research issues. Part 2 explores the practical applications of theory and research, highlighting the voices of the different key participants. Part 3 provides a guide to undertaking Community Interpreting research, with concrete sample research projects, and Part 4 lists a comprehensive set of key resources for interpreters, students, educators and researchers.

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