Condition monitoring of machines in non-stationary operations (CMMNO) can be seen as the major challenge for research in the field of machinery diagnostics. Condition monitoring of machines in non-stationary operations is the title of the presented book and the title of the Conference held in Hammamet - Tunisia March 26 28, 2012. It is the second conference under this title, first took place in Wroclaw - Poland , March 2011.The subject CMMNO comes directly from industry needs and observation of real objects. Most monitored and diagnosed objects used in industry works in non-stationary operations condition. The non-stationary operations come from fulfillment of machinery tasks, for which they are designed for. All machinery used in different kind of mines, transport systems, vehicles like: cars, buses etc, helicopters, ships and battleships and so on work in non-stationary operations.The papers included in the book are shaped by the organizing board of the conference and authors of the papers.The papers are divided into five sections, namely:Condition monitoring of machines in non-stationary operationsModeling of dynamics and fault in systemsSignal processing and Pattern recognitionMonitoring and diagnostic systems   Noise and vibration of machinesThe presented book gives the back ground to the main objective of the CMMNO 2012 conference that is to bring together scientific community to discuss the major advances in the field of machinery condition monitoring in non-stationary conditions.

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