ConnectAbility-noun: 1. an agile approach to running an organization that takes into account the psychology of human interaction; 2. the only way to do business in todays economyDrawing from the powerful lessons of emotional awareness and relationshipdynamics, ConnectAbility promotes a sophisticated yet simple method for developingsuperior partnerships guaranteed to create quality results on a consistentbasis. Even the best-intentioned team players too often focus more oncommunicating their own ideas than hearing and understanding what othershave to say. ConnectAbility changes all this using eight steps to fostering optimumcommunication, which include:Sharing your power with othersExpressing yourself with authenticityEngaging your audience with humorChallenging yourself by taking chargeMaintaining awareness of emotional dynamicsThe book contains two tests you can take that will help you pinpoint your own levelof ConnectAbility.ConnectAbility is your key to getting things done in a positivemanner that benefits not only you and your team--but the organization as a whole.

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