D-Day on a Normandy beach. A flip of a coin seals the destinies of two men in love and war. From one of Ireland's finest writers, Consequences of the Heart is an epic story of passion and fate, of cowardice and bravery, of adultery and of murder. Chud Conduit, wild, illegitimate grandson of Monument's most powerful businesswoman, and Jack Santry, gentle Anglo-Irish heir to the estate on the hill, are unlikely friends. It is their love for Rosa, the beautiful daughter of the local bookmaker that unites them,a passion that persists long after their adolescent idyll is shattered. Chud and Jack meet again at Normandy, where fate determines the course of the rest of their lives. One wins Rosa's hand in marriage, the other her eternal affection, sealing their destinies together over six decades, tangled in a triangle of love that is stronger than social convention and well beyond the law.

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