The essays in this important collection address specific themes at the cutting edge of recent Marxist scholarship. Although each essay can be read independently, they are united in arguing for, and demonstrating, a new focus on capitalism as a historically specific social form and in stressing the monetary nature of Marx's value theory, challenging traditional Marxist, institutionalist and neo-Schumpeterian readings of Marx's theories of money, value, surplus value and capital accumulation. The studies aim to shed new light on Marx's great work while going beyond it in many respects. The book will be welcomed by economists with an interest in the history, philosophy and methodology of economic thought as well as scholars and students of Marx. The book may also be read as an introduction to Marx's trilogy and is a companion to the collections of essays by the same contributors: The Circulation of Capital: Essays on Volume II of Marx's 'Capital'(ed. Arthur and Reuten, 1998); and The Culmination of Capital: Essays on Volume III of Marx's 'Capital' (ed. Campbell and Reuten, 2002).

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