"Contemporary Feminist Utopianism" is a stimulating, original and accessible survey of some of the more complex strands of contemporary thought. Exploring current debates within utopian studies, feminist theory and poststructuralist deconstruction, Lucy Sargisson argues for utopianism as a route out of the dilemma of contemporary feminism as well as a way of conceptualizing its current situation. The author rejects approaches to utopianism which insist upon utopia as a perfect blueprint for the future. Instead, she identifies a new transgressive utopianism which destroys old certainties in favor of a new and more unsettling vision of a feminist future. This utopianism stresses process over product and is informed by contemporary poststructuralist theories of language. Such a utopianism resists closure, negating and destroying the dualistic system of thought she argues underpins the western tradition.

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