Don't miss the fantastic trilogy from this award-winning author! Fiance Wanted Fast! Phoebe is stuck: she has to go to her ex-fiance's wedding and put on a brave face. So her best friends devise a plan to help her out: she can hire their gorgeous new flatmate Gib to pose as her doting new fiance! It sounds perfect - except Gib's not all he seems... The Blind-Date Proposal Kate Savage has landed herself with the boss from hell - he may be gorgeous, in a brooding sort of way, but he's on her case 24/7! Kate's friends try cheering her up by arranging for her to go on a blind date. Only when Kate arrives she's horrified to discover that her mystery man is Finn McBride - her boss! A Whirlwind Engagement Josh and Bella have been friends for years, but suddenly Bella is starting to see her Josh in a very different light - she's falling in love! Worse, she's just said that she'll pretend to be Josh's fiancee for a week in the Seychelles...

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