Are you looking for a clear and comprehensive core clinical cases revision guide for your finals? Keen to identify a study aid that will assist you at any stage of your Medical School course, and beyond? Require a guide to common problem based learning scenarios? This time-saving revision guide covers the clinical cases commonly asked in medical finals together with cases encountered as part of problem based learning. A wide range of clinical cases are examined, pointing out salient features including: history and examination; differential diagnoses; management and questions that examiners may ask; and also an up-to-date summary of the condition with relevant links to further information. This specially formatted ebook is a clear and concise guide to core clinical cases encountered by medical students. It features easy references and time-saving problem-based learning. The guide covers over 100 common medical cases, and includes tips to aid effective revision for medical finals. It also signposts readers to valuable sources of further information. This engaging and easy-to-use guide will be a great help in preparing you fully for your final exams (and a valuable reference for your Foundation years). It is an essential revision book for anyone serious about excelling in their medical degree.

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