You Can Work Professionally in Comics! Jump-start your comic book career! Creating Comics From Start to Finish tells you everything about how today's mainstream comic books are produced and published. Top working professionals detail how comics are created from concept to completion. Dig deep into every step of the process including writing, editing, penciling, inking, coloring, lettering and even publishing. Working professionals talk candidly about breaking into (and staying in) this exciting industry. Interviews and advice from: Mike Marts - Editor - Batman Mark Waid - Writer - Kingdom Come, Flash, Irredeemable Darick Robertson - Penciler - Wolverine, The Boys, Transmetropolitan Rodney Ramos - Inker - Green Lantern, Punisher Brian Haberlin - Colorist - Witchblade, Spawn Chris Eliopoulos - Letterer - Pet Avengers, Spider-Man, X-Men Joe Quesada - Chief Creative Officer - Marvel Comics Stan Lee - Former President, Chairman - Marvel Comics

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