Add Another Dimension to Your PortfolioAnd Move to the Top of Your CraftProfessional artists who strive to bring a new look to their illustrations are using Alias' premier 3D software in tandem with Adobe's prominent digital imaging program to create cutting-edge graphics. Now, with Maya 6, this remarkable combo is even better integrated than before.Creating Striking Graphics with Maya and Photoshopbrought to you from Maya Press, a publishing partnership between Sybex and Aliasis a dazzling introduction to the vibrant world of 3D and Maya. Graphics wiz Daniel Gray, with help from an elite group of pros, will inspire you to incorporate 3D into your graphics and think more artistically when approaching your creations. And if you're already familiar with Maya, you'll learn how Maya 6 makes it even easier to work between both applications.First you'll get the essential Photoshop user's introduction to Maya and learn how to make the leap from 2D to 3D. Then, you'll discover how high-profile artists use Maya and Photoshop together in real-world scenarios where 2D and 3D collide in a burst of creativity. Through a series of interviews that address a variety of 3D applications, you'll discover how:Maya Master Meats Meier depicts Mother Nature with otherworldly successMichael Elins combines photography and classical painting with the 3D worldDamon Riesberg cranks out a daily comic strip by posing and rendering his cast of charactersguru studios crafts beautiful 3D cartoons with a cool retro feel for TELETOONMeteor Studios brings ultra-realistic prehistoric creatures to life for the Discovery Channel's Dinosaur PlanetIBM painstakingly re-creates ancient artifacts, such as the Sphinx, for the Egyptian Museum in CairoMeshwerks digitizes automobiles for use in movies, advertising, and video games and creates the ultra-cool chopped and channeled Honda EleMENTAL Woodie!Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

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