Whether you want to build a Web page to recap a recent family reunion, promote your beagle breeding business, or market the next pet rock and make millions through e-commerce, this book will get you started. With almost 800 information-packed pages, its actually nine concise minibooks, each tackling a specific aspect of Web development. Beginners will get off to a good start and old hands will learn the latest on XML, JavaScript, and more. This guide covers:Getting up to speed on the basic information and skills you need to start creating a Web siteFinding an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or a free Web-hosting like Yahoo! GeoCities to host your Web pagesChoosing and registering a domain nameSelecting tools for your Web workshop, including Web browsers, graphics programs, HTML editors, Java and animation tools, and office suitesDesigning and tweaking Web pages with HTMLUsing FrontPage 2003 as an HTML editor, an image editor, and a Web site publisherUsing Dreamweaver MX 2004, with info on incorporating images such as rollovers and hot spots, laying out pages with layers, using templates, and moreAdding pizzazz to your Web pages with multimedia, including graphics, sound, video, animation, and appletsUsing JavaScript to create interactive features such as clickable images and smart forms, with info on basic JavaScript constructions, such as comments, variables, conditional expressions, loops, and operationsUsing Flash MX 2004 to create sophisticated graphic effects and moviesAdding e-commerce capability using simplified, hosted, off-the-shelf, or build-your-own systemsUsing XML (Extensible Markup Language) to encapsulate and transmit not just Web pages but any kind of structured info (such as database records)Whole books have been written on these topics and programs, but this all-in-one guide will give you a good overview of essential information. Step-by-step instructions and screen shots guide you smoothly though the things you want to do. And youll get hands-on experience right from the start with the CD-ROM that comes with the book. It includes:Trial versions of Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004, Flash MX 2004, and Contributexmlspy Version 2004 Home Edition, evaluationIf youre looking for a convenient reference that will get you started and give you the basics on adding new features and functions to your Web pages, Creating Web Pages for Dummies, 2nd Edition is the resource youll use again and again.Note:CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

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