The whitewashed walls of paradise hide acts of chilling depravity When Alex Mavros is hired to find American tourist Rosa Ozal, it looks like a straightforward missing person case for the Athens-based private detective. Arriving on the Greek island where Rosa was last seen, he finds something deeply wrong: a British journalist has fled without warning and a pair of young lovers has been found floating in a rigid, naked embrace amongst the fishing nets. The islanders are in no mood to answer the questions of an inquisitive outsider - but do they have other, more sinister, motives for keeping Mavros in the dark? As he begins to unravel the mystery, Mavros discovers an island steeped in horrors beyond his wildest imaginings. 'A perfect setting for a tense thriller ... this is an intelligent and satisfying book, part contemporary thriller, part the dark sister of Captain Corelli's Mandolin' Scotsman

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