THE INVITATION Any news, mother? asked Edna one Friday afternoon when she came home from school. There's a letter from grandma, replied Mrs. Conway after kissing the lips held up to hers. There isn't any real news in it, but there is an invitation. What kind of an invitation? A Thanksgiving kind. Oh, mother, what do you mean? I mean that grandma wants us all to spend an old-fashioned Thanksgiving with her; the kind she used to have when she was young. She says she and grandpa are both getting old and they may not be able to have the whole family there together again. And are we going? Yes, I think so. The whole family? I think perhaps you and I will go on a day or two ahead and let the others follow. Celia and the boys can come with your father, who probably could not get off till Wednesday afternoon. Grandma asks that I bring my baby with me. And that means me, returned Edna, hugging herself. How long shall we stay, mother? "That depends upon several things which will have to be learned later, so I can't tell just yet

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