In a nation whose debt has outgrown the size of its entire economy, the greatest threat comes not from any foreign force but from Washington politicians who refuse to relinquish the intoxicating power to borrow and spend. Senator Tom Coburn reveals the fascinating, maddening story of how we got to this point of fiscal crisis-and how we can escape. Long before America's recent economic downturn, beltway politicians knew the U.S. was going bankrupt. Yet even after several so-called "change" elections, the government has continued its wasteful ways in the face of imminent danger. With passion and clarity, Coburn explains why Washington resists change so fiercely and offers controversial yet commonsense solutions to secure the nation's future.At a time when millions of Americans are speculating about what is broken in Washington, The Debt Bomb is a candid, thoughtful, non-partisan expos of the real problems inside our government. Coburn challenges the conventional wisdom that blames lobbyists, gridlock, and obstructionism, and places the responsibility squarely where it belongs: on members of Congress in both parties who won't let go of the perks of power to serve the true interests of the nation-unless enough citizens take bold steps to demand action."Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There was never a democracy yet that did not commit suicide." -John Adams Throughout a distinguished career as a business owner, physician, and U.S. senator, Tom Coburn has watched his beloved republic careen down a suicidal path. Today, the nation stands on the precipice of financial ruin, a disaster far more dangerous to our safety than any terrorist threats we face. Yet Coburn believes there is still hope-if enough Americans are willing to shake the corridors of Washington and demand action.With an insider's keen eye and a caregiver's deft touch, Coburn diagnoses the mess that career politicians have made of things while misusing their sacred charge to govern. Coburn's incisive analysis:Reveals the root causes of America's escalating financial crisisExposes Washington's destructive appetite for wasteful spending, power grabs, backroom deals, and quick non-fixesRises above partisanship to implicate elected officials of all stripes in steering the nation off courseLays out a commonsense guide to restoring orderConcludes with a clarion call and sound advice for Americans who would dedicate themselves to defusing the debt bombAbove all, Coburn believes the United States can continue as a beacon of opportunity for future generations-but how we act today will determine whether we deliver the nation to our children and grandchildren fully alive, on life support, or without a pulse. What people are saying about The Debt Bomb:"The five loveliest words in the English language are those that begin the First Amendment: 'Congress shall make no law . . .' Notice the most underused word in contemporary Washington: 'No.' Fortunately, Tom Coburn uses it with gusto in attacking the crisis so well described in this book. He is a man with a plan, and the steely determination to implement it."- George F. Will, nationally syndicated columnist"Dr. Tom Coburn is the real deal. He's not a politician; he's a citizen in office. Day in and day out, he's been fighting to shrink the federal government, and has been attacked by his own party and the political opposition for doing so. Now he's written a book outlining in stark terms the problems the nation is facing. Dr. Coburn is a real American hero, and he's standing against the tide in the United States Senate. If you want the truth, from the inside, you need to read this book."- Mark Meckler, cofounder and National Chairman of the Tea Party Patriots"The Debt Bomb is superb. It's a smart, gutsy, and captivating take on how Washington got us into this mess-it then gives the taxpayers some real answers and solutions as to how to get out of it! If you're sick and tired of Washington politicians making excuses and pandering mush, this book will be a sheer delight. Tom Coburn tells the truth, and tips over everyone's sacred cows."- Al Simpson, former Senator"Tom Coburn is a rare breed in a town filled with big spending Democrats and big government Republicans. As a fellow member of the Class of 1994, I've seen Tom stay true to the values of our cause while others sold out to Washington's highest bidders. With America's future hanging in the balance, Tom has written a book that warns of a coming debt bomb that threatens to destroy our economy and our future. If you want to know how Washington can avert the coming crisis, read this important book."- Joe Scarborough, host of MSNBC's Morning Joe"The Debt Bomb has the bold answers and insights the American people have been clamoring for. Dr. Coburn's willingness to go big exposes the appalling lack of leadership in the White House and Congress. The Debt Bomb should be required reading for any American who wants to force our elected leaders to step up and join Dr. Coburn in addressing this urgent threat."- Larry Kudlow, Reagan administration economist and host of CNBC's The Kudlow Report"No one in Congress has done more to shift the debate from growing government to cutting spending than Tom Coburn. When others were silent, he courageously stood up to big spenders in both parties, exposed the wasteful earmarks like the Bridge to Nowhere, and called for an end to corporate welfare that undermines our free market economy. In The Debt Bomb, Tom outlines bold, decisive action to save our nation from fiscal collapse. It's a privilege to fight alongside him to defend freedom."- Senator Jim DeMint"It's high time we had a ruthless and compassionate conversation about the American tax policy, Senator Coburn takes a big step in this book."- Dylan Ratigan, host of MSNBC's The Dylan Ratigan Show"Throughout his distinguished career, Senator Tom Coburn has been one of the most consistent advocates for fiscal sanity and responsibility in Washington. Based on unambiguous evidence and moral principle, The Debt Bomb not only articulates the dangerous consequences of our runaway spending, but also offers courageous, responsible, no-nonsense solutions for restoring America to prosperity. This is an important book at a critical time in our nation's history."- Bill Bennett, former Secretary of Education under President Reagan and host of Morning in America

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