WILLIAM BRIGHT was bright by name, but many thought he wasn't toobright by nature until William proved them all to be wrong. He was alittle slower than most of the other pupils at his school because itwas later learned that he was dyslexic and he had a bad stutter. Hewasn't very popular with the girls either, although he was consideredto be rather handsome ...He was also tall and he was dark, so what wasmissing you might ask. . . and probably the answer was that William wasvery shy and found it very difficult to converse and mix with youngpeople of his own age. William adored his father, but the father diedat an early age when William was only six and he wore his father'swedding ring around his neck until he was old enough to wear it on thefourth finger of the left hand, swearing he would never remove the ringuntil he found someone that he could love as he had loved his dad.William's mother wasn't interested in the boy and considered him to betoo stupid to do anything more than the job he got when he left schoolat the age of fifteen. She had interests of her own which would not benormally classed as motherly and she states that William started tostutter when his father died and believes it was a great shock to himwhich brought this about.

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