With divorce numbers going no place but up, chances are that among a group of women, at least one of them is going to be "the divorced one." And what happens to her when her title officially changes from wife to ex-wife? The Divorced Girls' Society is the real-life unfolding of what happens to a formerly married thirty-something and how she gets through the end of her marriage . . . with a little help from her girlfriends. Authors and best friends Vicki King and Jennifer O'Connell provide practical advice, tough love, and a touch of empathetic girlfriend humor on topics such as: Getting through the first 24 hours after the decision to split; "Going public" with the news to friends and family; Keeping composure during family gatherings and holidays; Dating againl and more. The no-holds-barred wit, coupled with a no-nonsense approach to the realities of divorce, cuts through the psychobabble of other divorce books and tells it like it is. So even though a woman's marriage has come and gone, readers can take comfort with Vicki and Jennifer, who demonstrate that friendships are forever.

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