Following hot on the heels of the best-selling Donts for Husbands, Donts for Wives and Donts for Golfers this facsimile copy of the original edition contains everything youever needed to know, from what to wear at a fancy dress party to how tohold your partner during a slow dance.Advice we should all follow:"Dont be a martyr to your feet""Dont dance with bent knees. Bent knees suggest an ancient cab-horseon its last pathetic stagger or a performing chimpanzee gyrating aroundits keeper""Dont disguise yourself as a "Lohengrin" if you happen to be short andstout. This sort of thing is excusable only in an operatic tenor""Dont straddle""Dont, Miss Shingled, Bingled or Bobbed, please dont comb yourhair in public! It is a habit that is fast gaining ground but it is adeplorable habit. A few minutes reflection will, I am sure, convert youto the masculine point of view - it is a disgusting habit"

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