A great love comes with bells . . .Flip is an unemployed writer with a heart of gold and limited social skillshes also very much in love. And you? You're invited to witness the carnage.Its a story we're all familiar with: just as the right girl finally comes along, Flips leg is broken, his roommate has gone nuts, and his fathers threatening to cut him off by canceling his credit cards . . . And then theres that other small matterhe's still in love with Belle, the ghost he met when he was eight.Thank God hes well taken care ofhow does anyone manage this kind of thing alone?Daccia Bloomfields Dora Borealis is a not-quite-coming-of-age novel and a good old-fashioned love letter written in the era of the open relationship. Set against the backdrop of Toronto's insular art scene (itself haunted by the ghost of meaning), this story about connection (in a town hooked on missed connections) explores what it means to be truly haunted.

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