Presentation skills are essential in the business world. Professionals with the ability to clearly outline a proposal and motivate their audiences (co-workers, employees, managers, clients, shareholders) are more likely to succeed in their careers.

There is a lot at stake and that is the reason why delivering presentations can be a source of anxiety and stress. A presentation gone wrong can mean damaging your image, losing a client, or the end of a great opportunity you worked for so long to get. On the contrary, a presentation done well shows that you are in control and that you have the ability to get things done and produce results.

This book deals with the most common and challenging issues:

1) Identifying the key elements of your presentation. It prompts questions to help you select the right content so you can capture and connect with your audience.

2) Building a persuasive structure capable of producing results. It helps you outline your content with clarity and grab your audience by the collar.

3) Presenting yourself as a confident speaker. How do you build your confidence? How do you project an image of leadership and being in control? What are the mistakes you must avoid?

This course is a practical guide to helping you achieve a professional presentation, convey your message in an assertive way and produce the results you want. It will help you position yourself as a confident leader who can deliver.

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