In modern business, the availability of up-to-date and secure information is critical to a company's competitive edge and marketing drive. Unfortunately, traditional business studies and classical economics are unable to provide the necessary analysis of such contemporary issues as information technology and knowledge management.The Efficient Enterprise: Increased Corporate Success with Industry-Specific Information Technology and Knowledge Management details an economic business model and visualization system that includes today's business needs and demonstrates how industry-specific information technology blazes the trail towards increased corporate success. Throughout this book, the author explains how his revolutionary theories are put into practice in the industry-specific ERP software CSB-System.Following a systematic visualization of economic principles, this text examines IT business organization and control systems, focusing on software choices and integration, industry-specific software, and workflow management.The third and largest section of the book explores facets of integrated industry-specific IT for corporate management. Concepts include: * Business organization* Quality Control System* Management and controlling* Performance and time management* Automated economy* Commodity and product management* Accounting and finance The Efficient Enterprise provides a roadmap for the expert integration and application of software and technology in the pursuit of efficiency and profitability. Schimitzek's intention is to develop a unified formula for economics, in which any transaction can be modeled using four components: addresses; items; conditions; and procedures.

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