The third in a new series of four books: the first and second titles were published in August and October 2009, the fourth to be published in April 2010.Fantastically atmospheric evocations of Egyptian life are encased in an exciting adventure story. Each story features the boy and girl characters Hopi and Isis, and their struggles for existence and adventure in Egypt circa 1150 BC. In this story, The Sacred Scarab, Hopi and Isis, orphaned when crocodiles kill their parents, are preparing for an important festival, in which the king accompanies the gods to his great mortuary temple. But when Isis and Hopi uncover a plot by a villainous tax collector, they need to ensure that justice is done . . . The author has spent much time in Egypt and the stories are meticulously researched.The books include factual detail and notes about Egyptian lifestyle, the importance of the gods for the Egyptians, the tombs and much more.

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