With the global economy set to be largely dependent on oil and gas for the next twenty to thirty years, and global terrorism more prevalent and more focused on economic targets, the threat to energy sources and supply is real and increasing. 'Emerging Threats to Energy Security and Stability' is a compendium of papers from the 2004 NATO Workshop at Windsor Castle organized by the Windsor Energy Group and MEC International. The workshop was co-directed by Sir David Gore Booth, former UK Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and Middle East Director - Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and Dr. Evgeny Velikhov, President, the Russian Research Center, Kurchatov Institute. Representatives from 20 countries participated in the workshop; including experts and policy makers from key governments, international organizations and the private sector. The papers examine strengths and vulnerabilities of global energy infrastructure, assessing emerging threats to energy security, and developing recommendations for energy security strategies to counter the threats posed by supply imbalance, regional instability and terrorism. Aimed at those involved in infrastructure security as well as the Energy Sector, the publication also includes background papers on the World Energy Market, covering such issues as the Geo-Political Future of the Gulf, China and OPEC, and regional briefings on Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Central Asia and the Caspian Basin.

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