An accessible reference that explores every aspect of the municipal bond marketUntil now, there has been no accessible encyclopedia, dictionary, nor guide to the world of municipal bonds. Comprehensive and objective, this groundbreaking volume covers the history and mechanics of the municipal market in clear and understandable terms. It covers all aspects of the market, including pricing, trading, taxation issues and yields, as well as topical events such as the financial crisis, hysteria about defaults and Chapter 9 municipal bankruptcy, fraud, and regulation.Encyclopedia of Municipal Bonds also contains entries on important historical events and provides much-needed context for this field.Everything you ever wanted to know about municipal bonds in one comprehensive resourceJoe Mysak is the author of the Bloomberg bestseller Handbook for Muni IssuersDemystifies the world of municipal bonds for both the novice and professional investorExplores issues such as the Orange County bankruptcy, the Jefferson County default, the New York City financial crisis, and the surprisingly recent creation of the modern municipal marketEncyclopedia of Municipal Bonds offers an essential reference guide for investors, professionals, regulators, insurers, and anyone else involved in the municipal bond market.

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