Ad hoc and ubiquitous computing technologies have received extensive attention in both the academia and industry with the explosive growth of wireless communication devices. These technologies are beneficial for many applications, such as offering futuristic high bandwidth access for users, and are expected to offer more exciting and efficient services, anytime and anywhere. In order to satisfy these diverse applications, the design issues of various wireless networks such as ad hoc, sensor, and mesh networks are extremely complicated and there are a number of technique challenges that need to be explored, involving every layer of the OSI protocol stack.This book aims to provide a complete understanding of these networks by investigating the evolution of ad hoc, sensor, and mesh networking technologies from theoretic concept to implementation protocols, from fundamentals to real applications. It provides the necessary background material needed to go deeper into the subject and explore the research literature. The explanation in the book is therefore sufficiently detailed to serve as a comprehensive reference for students, instructors, researchers, engineers, and other professionals, building their understanding of these networks.

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