An advanced look at smart technology to promote the independence of the elderly and disabledOngoing research and advancements in technology are essential for the continuing independence of elderly and disabled persons. The Engineering Handbook of Smart Technology for Aging, Disability, and Independence provides a thorough analysis of these technologies and the needs of the elderly and disabled, including a breakdown of demographics, government spending, growth rate, and much more.Each chapter is written by an expert in his or her respective field, and gives readers unparalleled insight into the research and developments in a multitude of important areas, including:User-need analyses, classifications, and policiesAssistive devices and systems for people with motor disabilitiesAssistive devices and systems for people with visual and hearing impairmentsHuman-machine interaction and virtual realityAssistive roboticsTechnology for user mobility and object manipulationSmart homes as assistant environmentsA discussion of emerging standards and guidelines to build accessible devices, tools, and environmentsThis book is an indispensable resource for researchers and professionals in computer science, rehabilitation science, and clinical engineering. It also serves as a valuable textbook for graduate students in the aforementioned fields.

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