One night leads to one baby! Cesare Brunelli lost his sight freeing a little girl from a fire. The only person who treated him without pity was Samantha - but, now expecting his child, she's afraid that when his sight returns, he'll trade her, his diminutive red-headed wife, for one of the tall, slim blondes he used to date... At a masked ball, Italian tycoon Damien DeLuca entices a veiled beauty into the boardroom! Marketing Executive Philly Summers can't believe she's just shared a night of passion with her gorgeous boss! She's determined to keep her real identity a secret...until she discovers she's carrying Damien's baby. The exhilaration midwife Claire West feels at bringing a new life into the world is magical. But she fears she carries a genetic illness that she could pass on to her own child. But determined doctor Campbell Deane is going to show her that miracles do happen! Take a well-earned break this Easter with three irresistible stories - where little miracles lead to marriage vows!

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