The fast paced read of Escape from Zoomanity has adventure, it is meaningful, it is dramatic, it is sad, it is happy, and the outcome will surprise you. Prepare to feel every experience and relate all of what one man goes through in your own life. This is very real, it is real. The realization of one man's life as a Zooman living in Zoomanity. Endless conditioning, repeatist patterns and behaviors, passed on expectations and ill-informed life decisions. His moment of awakening, his blunt honest questionings, his life messages and eventually his self-destruction that would lead to a better, stronger, more fulfilled life. From Punk Rocker to fundamentalist minister, from a life of peace to 2 years of absolute chaos. From humiliating bankruptcy to world shattering divorce. He lost his kids, his home, his family, his wife, his business only to eventually regain his sanity and freedom from Zoomanity. This is a story of awakening to life, survival of huge loss and realizations of one man's truth that led to a bigger, wider discovery infiltrating all of humanity - Zoomanity! You'll feel yourself in almost every sentence, every word, every chapter. Prepare for honest, revealing and direct writing. It's fun, it's sad, the outcome will question you at your very core. You will be drawn in quickly, you'll relate to the writers words, you'll cry when he cries and laugh when he laughs and at the end you will be asking yourself how can you make your own Escape from Zoomanity.

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