Unsure of what clinical competencies you must gain to successfully complete the Foundation Programme? Unclear on how to ensure your ePortfolio is complete to enable your progression to ST training? This up-to-date clinical handbook is aimed at current foundation doctors and clinical medical students and provides a comprehensive companion to help you in the day-to-day management of patients on the ward. Together with this it is the first handbook to also outline clearly how to gain the core clinical competencies required for successful completion of the Foundation Programme. Written by doctors for doctors this comprehensive handbook explains how to successfully manage all of the common cases you will face during the Foundation Programme and:Introduces the Foundation Programme and what is expected of a new doctor especially with the introduction of Modernising Medical Careers Illustrates clearly the best way to manage, step-by-step, over 150 commonly encountered clinical diseases, including NICE guidelines to ensure a gold standard of clinical care is achieved.Describes how to successfully gain the core clinical competencies within Medicine and Surgery including an extensive list of differentials and conditions explainedExplores the various radiology images you will encounter and how to interpret themTells you how to succeed in the assessment methods used including DOP's, Mini-CEX's and CBD's.Has step by step diagrammatic guide to doing common clinical procedures competently and safely.Outlines how to ensure your ePortfolio is maintained properly to ensure successful completion of the Foundation Programme.Provides tips and advice on how to start preparing now to ensure you are fully prepared and have the competitive edge for your CMT/ST Application.The introduction of the e-Portfolio as part of the Foundation Programme has paved the way for foundation doctors to take charge of their own learning and portfolio. Through following the expert guidance laid down in this handbook you will give yourself the best possible chance of progressing successfully through to CMT/ST training.

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