Eudora Welty: Thirteen Essays edited by Peggy W. Prenshaw This collection of essays about the writings of Eudora Welty, a southern writer in the grand tradition of American literature, reflects the range of Welty criticism. Themes, forms, and stylistic features in her work are given careful consideration by some of the most notable of Welty scholars: Chester E. Eisinger, John A. Allen, J. A. Bryant, Jr., John Edward Hardy, Albert J. Devlin, Warren French, Julia L. Demmin and Daniel Curley, Daniele Pitavy-Souques, Robert B. Heilman, Seymour L. Gross, Barbara McKenzie, Michael Kreyling, and Ruth M. Vande Kieft. The essays included in this volume were selected from the 1979 publication Eudora Welty: Critical Essays also edited by Peggy W. Prenshaw. Eudora Welty: Thirteen Essays retains the breadth of subject and approach that marked the earlier volume. Dr. Peggy W. Prenshaw is currently the Millsaps College Humanities Scholar in Residence. She recently retired from the Fred C. Frey...

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