English has more than a quarter-million words. We have many, many options for word selections, sentence structures and paragraph styles. So much opportunity to be creative. So many alternatives to fine-tune your thoughts. So many opportunities to go astray. English is a wonderfully diverse language. If you ask fifty different people to describe an object, an event, or an idea, you will get fifty different perspectives, each articulated with distinct words and style. There are no absolutes -- no best writer, best speaker, best style -- and no best words. However, there are patterns and principles of English usage that are generally persuasive, and misusage patterns that are generally ineffective. Diversity of thought and communications are critical to teamwork, to achievement in the workplace, to teaching, learning, and parenting, and to growing our networks of friends and family. The perspective from which you attack a problem, tell a story, listen to someone else's position, or write a message is important to understanding the solution, the moral, or the point. If you are capable of looking, reasoning, and hearing different perspectives, you can be far more effective at communicating and achieving progress in most endeavors. "Eureka!" illuminates the communications power, the amusement, and the oddities to be found in the English language. Instead of highlighting all the mechanics and hairball rules of English, Walker Royce leads you through an educational and entertaining workout of your English knowledge and skills. Provocative insights into high stakes communications like speaking, coaching, selling, interviewing and romance are mixed with English language trivia, humorous anecdotes, and unique puzzles. This unique perspective will transform you into a better listener, writer, speaker and teammate, and it will stimulate some deeper self-observation -- a catalyst for improving your own communications proficiency.

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