This book examines the European Union policy of the German Social Democrats (SPD) after German unification, following their rise to power in 1998 and their record in office under Chancellor Schroder. The study deals with policy formation in the SPD through an analysis of the opportunity structures for policy-making in the EU, Germany and the party itself. Across this time period, the SPD recalibrated its European policy to absorb the impact of German unification, deeper European integration and globalization, seeking to interpret a changing world. The book holds key relevance for understanding the European policy of Germany's Red-Green Government, highlighting a number of dynamics in the SPD - 'generational change', 'strategic change' and 'ideological change'. These changes manifested themselves in a Government less afraid to articulate German interests in the EU, and more prepared to play a leading role (outside the constraints of the Franco-German partnership) in the shaping of the Union.

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