Everything you need to keep your pooch (or the neighbor's) on a legal leash!America's estimated 50 million dogs are governed by many things: The stomach, the nose and the law -- laws that you as a dog owner, or as the neighbor of a dog, need to know. Every Dog's Legal Guide is a newly revised, up-to-date practical guide to the legal issues that affect dogs, their owners and their neighbors every day, including:dog owners' liability for injuriesdogs that bite or create a nuisanceanimal crueltylandlords, tenants and dogstraveling with dogsproviding for pets at deathdealing with veterinariansyour rights when buying or selling a dogrestrictions on dangerous dogsvaccinations, licenses and other local lawsguide, signal, service and therapy dogsThe latest edition of Every Dog's Legal Guide is completely updated with the latest laws of your state that affect your canine.

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