Being diagnosed with diabetes doesn't have to mean eliminating flavor--or fun!--from your diet. With the 300 easy as (sugar-free) pie recipes inside, you'll learn how to whip up guilt-free dishes that are as delicious as they are healthy, including:Buttermilk PancakesPork and Vegetable Lo MeinPineapple-Orange Grilled ChickenCrab Cakes with Sesame CrustHearty Beef StewCaribbean Kiwi SalsaAsian PopcornStrawberry-Rhubarb CrispChocolate Cheesecake MousseFrom dips and salads to soups, casseroles, desserts, and beyond, this collection is your new ultimate resource for great meals that are good for you. With this book, you can manage your diabetic diet, control your glucose levels, and eat well--every day!

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