A major contribution to the literature in neurology from renowned neurointensivist Eelco F.M. Wijdicks, MD, PhD, Famous First Papers for the Neurointensivist presents and critically assesses numerous papers that have made a profound impact on the diagnosis and treatment of neurologically acute conditions. In general, there has been little historical work in acute neurologic conditions, precisely because neurology is not perceived through this perspective. Famous First Papers for the Neurointensivist addresses this problem by a scholarly treatment of early descriptions of clinical signs, syndromes and presenting the development of treatment of these acute disorders. Using a uniform and easy-to-read format, the title offers a clear reproduction of each papers title page, a short historical note, and a brief discussion and its implications, and a final comment to provide perspective. Landmark clinical trials that apply to acute neurology are included, and the book also briefly discusses the birth of intensive care units. Ground-breaking and indispensable for all physicians and researchers interested in neurocritical care, Famous First Papers for the Neurointensivist is a unique, original reference, providing not only a single source for discovering the most important papers in the field but also a critical analysis of the impact of each paper on the development of neurocritical care.

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