Your one-stop resource to all things Felting! Combine painting and sculpture, wrap it up in the delightful texture of wool, and you have felting! Here's your chance to try your hand at this popular craft without a big investment of time or money. This MUST-HAVE complete guide covers everything from the basics of felting, to a range of projects that illustrate the warm and whimsical things you can do with it. Felting - The Complete Guide: Covers a full range of techniques, including wet felting, needle felting and even knitted and crocheted items. Features accessories, rugs, landscapes paintings and three-dimensional figurines. Includes a general overview of materials, tools and terms. Provides tons of step-by-step photos that make learning fun and easy. Everything you need to know to felt fabulous items - even if you've never played with wool before - is right here at your fingertips!

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