Leaking profits will slowly destroy the viability of your business. Identifying and fixing leakage issues is a priority.This new ZIPFIXeGUIDE provides a short cut to focusing your thoughts on the issues of finding and stopping profit leaks in your business.'FIND PROFIT LEAKS NOW!' is designed as a thought-starter to help businesses owners highlight the enormous risks in allowing profit leakage to take hold in their business enterprise. The guide creates a timely reminder of the requirements for business owners and managers to constantly observe, measure, plan and instigate effective action at every phase of their business operations.We present the issues as brief reports on observed situations. By listing possible explanations and causes of the events and solutions for your business. The checklist and action planner attached to the examples allows readers to evaluate the comparative situations for their own business operations.In the ZIPFIXeGUIDES, readers will discover a broad base of examples explaining how other businesses successfully recognized and met the challenge of leaking profits. Many of the issues as observed in other businesses can be easily converted into existing situations that may be developing in their own businesses. Ignoring these insidious leakage issues will generate unnecessary stresses and affect the potential for profit from the business. The rewards of being an observant and action oriented owner or manager are clear. Success will have it's own rewards.

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