Contents:My Early Life, 1913–1948 (Y-C Wong)On the Eigenvalues and Numerical Range of a Quaternionic Matrix (Y-H Au-Yeung)Monopoles as Fibre Bundles and Strings as Infinite Rank Tensors (H-M Chan & S T Tsou)Approximation by Affine Functions (J-T Chan)A Review on Optimal Design for Mixture Models (L-Y Chan)Griffiths' Formalism on the Calculus of Variations via Exterior Differential Systems (W-S Cheung)Change of Measures, Likelihood Ratio Martingales and Some Applications (T L Lai)Beyond the Impossibility of a 16-Square Identity (K Y Lam & P Yiu)Lie Group Homomorphisms which Induce Isomorphisms of Representation Rings (S P Lam)A Lifting Theorem, and Rings with Isomorphic Matrix Rings (T Y Lam)On Ternary Equations in Square-Free and Prime Variables (Y-L Lau, M-C Leung & M-C Liu)Instantons and Three-Manifolds (R Lee)Some Results on the c-Numerical Range (C-K Li & Y-T Poon)A Matrix Formulation of the Complex Flag Manifolds (Q-K Lu)The Integral Formulas of the Pontrjagin Characteristic Forms on an Oriented Differentiable Manifold (X-M Mei)On the Construction of Tensor Fields and Connections on the Frame Bundle (K P Mok)Cellular Manufacturing Systems: Formulation and Algorithmic Issues (S M Ng)Which Inscribed N-Gon in an Ellipse has the Longest Perimeter? (M K Siu & K M Tsang)Hyperbolicity Problems in Function Theory (Y-T Siu)Extreme Positive Operators on Convex Cones (B-S Tam)The Golden Mean and Its Way into Physics (B Y Tong)Readership: Students and scientists in mathematics.

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