In Praise of For Crying Out Loud"Endowed with strong parents and a bit of luck, Leo Melamed has made a remarkable escape from Nazi occupied Poland to building one of the pinnacles of global finance. Over four decades and more, he was the leading force in bringing his beloved 'Merc' from obscure trading pits for butter and eggs, and pork bellies to a model of electronic efficiency, handling billions of financial contracts, almost instantaneously with certainty of execution. Leo's pride in the Merc's safeguards against risk are justified by its sustained market performance in the midst of the financial crisis. For Crying Out Loud is not only a fascinating human story, but a remarkable tale of spurring innovation within a framework of prudence."Paul A. Volcker"Leo Melamed has written an adventure story worthy of Hemingway. It's also a spy thriller and historic chronicle. It is the defining account of modern change that comes to an industry as old as Bedouins trading sheep on a dusty rock. Seen from the ultimate insider, we glimpse a world unseen and unknown to most of us. It is a very important work that could become a business school bible."Bill Kurtis, Kurtis Productions, Ltd."Leo Melamed provides a brilliant description and analysis of the history and evolution of Globex, the CME's electronic trading platform that transformed the way futures are traded around the world.

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