Whether you're studying or practicing in the fields of instructional technology and human performance technology, you need a foundation of knowledge to advance your career. Foundations of Instructional and Performance Technology will provide you with an overview of principles and practices that is clear and easy-to-understand. This new resource does not offer an exhaustive list of topics. Rather the author selected topics with those fairly new to the field in mind and synthesized a wealth of information from many different sources into one concise text. The book starts with a focus on instructional technology, then shifts to human performance technology. In 11 chapters of this book, you'll have the opportunity to learn about ideas of original thinkers like Edward Thorndike, B. F. Skinner, Benjamin Samuel Bloom and more. You'll also have access to extensive references and user-friendly charts and graphs all designed to help you develop, validate and enhance your practice. This title defines instructional technology and key terms; Notes the contributions of important theorists; Introduces approaches to evaluating the effectiveness of training programs; Describes the structure of instructional development processes; Clarifies the difference between behavior and performance; Gives an overview of Thomas Gilbert's theorems and behavior engineering model; Describes the process of front-end analysis; Summarizes the relationships between instructional technology and human performance technology.

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