"No one seems to refer to it by name." While London journalist, Richard, prepares to visit an anonymous Adriatic island, a girl on the island bides her time to escape its clutches as she is groomed for a sophisticated prostitution and human trafficking racket. When Richard's suspicions about the island are aroused he decides to investigate. Used to sharing professional success with girlfriend Trish and to enjoying the ups and downs of their sexually charged relationship, his investigations uncover a very different and merciless world of violence and cruelty and one girl's attempts at freedom. As he and Trish become caught up in the intrigues of this world, the disturbing consequences force Richard to face up to his laddish preconceptions and take a stand against the devastating effects of female exploitation. From Nemesis Island is a dark tale of relationships and intrigue, which propels chick lit into the world of the thriller. It tells of love, loyalty, corruption and revenge, and is suitable for those concerned with the effects on women of a sexualised society.

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