FROM RENOS TO RICHESTHE CANADIAN REAL ESTATE INVESTOR'S GUIDE TO PRACTICAL AND PROFITABLE RENOVATIONSAs an investor, part of providing a residence for your tenants is providing a place where they will feel at home and want to stay. How do you do this affordably and strategically? Many landlords will either do a minimal amount of work—and work that has no lasting value—or at the other end of the spectrum, go overboard, using expensive materials and paying for extra and unnecessary labor. Rental renovations are meant as a long-term investment with your best asset in mind—your tenant. Knowing what renovations to undertake and how to do them will guarantee that money is well spent on long-term renovations that last the life of the property and decrease tenant turn-over and loss of rental income.From Renos to Riches is the product of the author's experience as a renovator and investor in residential properties. It offers the reader insights into these key areas: how to assess and cost a renovation and determine if it makes financial sense; what's involved in contracting out a job; how to keep to budget and timelines; how to green your property; jobs you can tackle yourself; design tricks that are inexpensive but look like a million bucks; and much more. With this book you can grow the value of your portfolio of properties; increase cash flow through strategic renovations and decrease expenses by saving money on maintenance by doing the job right the first time; reduce energy usage; and create goodwill with the people who drive your business—your tenants.

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