Real-world executives reveal how their early experiences have helped them become the best in business, and beyondHow were they raised? What mistakes did they make along the way? What were the adversities they faced? These are just a sampling of key questions top leaders answer in From the Sandbox to the Corner Office. Many of them were spanked as children, including Time Warner's CEO whose parents used a switch from a tree. Others faced major obstacles, such as Ameritrade's CEO who has struggled with stuttering all his life. And many were immigrants who worked their way out of poverty, such as the COO of Cingular who as a young boy came to America from Cuba alone. Based on more than 50 interviews with some of today???s top corporate executives and leaders from all walks of life, this book offers key lessons for those looking to achieve success in today???s world of business, nonprofits, and government.With this book as their guide, readers will learn what it takes to make it to the top and discover that a good resume or an MBA from a leading business school doesn???t always help you get there. In this one-of-a-kind book, seasoned executives open up to author Eve Tahmincioglu and reveal both the successes and setbacks faced during their journey. These individuals discuss both the personal and professional experiences???from near-fatal mistakes to the influence of parents???that have shaped the way they lead and offer valuable insights that can benefit employees of all levels, from starting managers to CEOs.Eve Tahmincioglu (Wilmington, DE) is a regular contributor to the New York Times business section and one of the lead writers on "The Boss" column. She has been interviewing executives from a wide range of industries for the bulk of her career.

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